USAV Beach U21 HP Championships 2014

Howdy! Welcome back to my blog. Again it has been awhile since I’ve posted here. But that’s okay right? Right… It’s my blog and I do what I want.

First things first I want to share how great of an opportunity it was to play on the U21 National Team. It was quite an experience getting the coaching and consistent training week in and week out. I am very thankful for this summer with USA Beach Volleyball. I sure hope I get the chance to do it all over next year and hopefully work hard enough to travel!

So this year the USAV Beach HP Championships for my division (U21’s) were in Long Beach, California during the FIVB Long Beach Grand Slam event which was a good ‘ole time. My partner for this tournament was Jake T. from Huntington Beach, California. I was stoked to get the opportunity to play in this tournament. There were only a few cons like the sand was extremely shallow and hot because of it.

We started pool play on Wednesday and won all 3 matches including the team that won the tournament and a Canadian national team. I was super stoked going into the second day and might’ve had a bit of overconfidence which is never good. So our first match of the day we win pretty handily then we were onto the semi finals and played a team that was on our training team and definitely didn’t have our best game. But we also had a ref who literally had to be on their side the entire game. Nothing could go our way. Balls that we hit in she called out, balls they hit out she called in, etc. It was extremely frustrating. I couldn’t understand what was going through her mind. Oh well, I definitely learned I can’t let those stupid referees get in my head.

So after losing the semi-final match and getting very frustrated we played for 3rd place and ended up pooping the bed and losing that one by 2. This was a very frustrating tournament for me and I learned how I struggle playing with people my age, because most of them don’t approach the game or see the game the way I do. For some reason I’ve matured mentally/emotionally vs physically (sadly, sorry ladies).

For now,

Christian Honer


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