How I increased my vertical jump in 8 weeks

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here I hope that you all are well. I’ve been hitting the weights hard, eating right, hydrating properly and trying my best to stay healthy this off season to prepare for the 2016 beach volleyball season. One of my goals coming into 2016 was to have a 40″ vertical for the volleyball season. I’ll tell you I’m pretty close.

So how did I start to jump higher for volleyball in 8 weeks?

  1. Maximal strength – I did lots of deadlifts, squats, bench press and some other exercises to increase my strength.
  2. Hip mobility – Almost every workout I was working on my hips, hip flexor, glutes and other surrounding parts.
  3. Myofascial release – I began to use a foam roller or lacrosse ballĀ in specific spots to break up the lactic acid. Along with massages once every few weeks.
  4. Plyometrics – I did lots of different jumping variations to create my neuromuscular strength.
  5. Proper warmup – All of my workouts included a proper dynamic warmup whether those were frankensteins, hip mob, glute bridges, I was always warming up/activating my muscles before using them.
  6. Proper cool downs – Following my self myofascial release after my workouts I will use bands to stretch and cool down my muscles.
  7. Protein after workouts – Following every workout I would drink a whey protein shake along with a good recovery meal.
  8. A good diet – I wasn’t eating junk food these 8 weeks I was on the Super Human Diet which is the best diet for athletes
  9. Electrolytes, salt and lots of water – I’ve been using Ultima Replenisher and pink Himalayan salt mainly for my electrolytes. Because there is no added sugars plus I get all my necessary electrolytes
  10. Recovery – My recovery involves massages, self myofascial release, flat spa treatment, chiropractic, yoga, rolfing and much more.

These are some habits I’m really excited to get into to continue seeing and most of all feeling results. “Most people will ever understand how good your body is designed to feel”. Starting to realize how true that is.

My buddy Brandon Talbot put me through an the first online volleyball vertical training program. It is 8 weeks long, similar to the program I finished up. I can’t even explain how much better my body feels. If you’re looking to add inches on your vertical, learn to recover properly, hit a better volleyball, find volleyball specific workouts or anything like that VolleyVert is perfect for you.

Check out my transformation, I started at a 52inch box jump about a year ago to now almost getting 65 inches:

Thank you for reading I’m so excited to start getting back in volleyball shape to start training for the new year.
Christian Honer