Sandia Classic 2014

Hello friends!

San Dia is one of my favorite tournaments of the year ( . My friend Garrett and I finished in 9th place last year. I teamed up with Drew this year with a goal of finishing 5th or better.

Saturday, we began playing a team from New Mexico. My head wasn’t there. We made it through and won 21-13 and I’m guessing the second game was 21-16. Got served most of this game and just wasn’t there yet or wasn’t awake. Frustrating when you don’t mentally prepare for a match. But these are the situations I get to learn from.

I finally got my focus on point for the next game. It was a team from Colorado I watched play last year and thought very highly of them and still do. They’re two incredible volleyball players. We got past that game in 2 as well. The scores aren’t coming to me right now. There were a few really long rallies in this game. Here’s a video from the final point.

We made it to Andre’ Belov (basically the best jump server in the game) and Dana Camacho. I admire both of their playing styles. This game was the worst serving game of Drew and I’s life. We missed like 6 serves. We ended up losing 21-19 & 24-22. I made a lot of mistakes this game and was very frustrated with myself. But looking back at it, that’s an incredible team and I’m very pleased with the way we competed against them. They finished 2nd in the tournament.

That wraps up Saturday. We watched 3 matches after that. Then it was onward to Sunday. We started playing against Bryan K. (who I’m playing with in vail). I played very poorly I had no energy or focus again and it definitely showed. This was my absolute worst game without a doubt. Just shows how important your focus is. We won 25-23 I believe.

Next match was against these two ripped dudes from Colorado who ran a quick offense (Drew and I also did this game because the wind began). This is another team I really admire and watched play last year. We won 25-20 I believe.

We immediately had to go up to the top courts for a match against Jorge Martinez (my partner from the Hermosa NVL) and Jake Rosener another California AAA player. This was to get into the Crossover. It was a good game that we lost by 2 or 3.

All in all it was a fun weekend. I am extremely pleased with a 5th place comparing to last years 9th. Next year I will have a goal of making the crossover. Improvement is what I’m aiming for. I want to consistently be improving.

What I took away/learned from this tournament:

  • I passed pretty well
  • I set a tad better
  • I felt very well put together with no pain on my shoulders or knees
  • I re-learned that I can play at a high level

What I need to work on after this tournament:

  • REACT REACT REACT – No more guessing
  • Stay true to my line on my block
  • Look at the court every approach
  • Think of the other team as a team keeping you from your goals
  • Hitting higher and making every approach look the exact same

I’m sure I will add more to these lists, but for now that’s all I got. I will try to list these thing after every tournament to help me better myself.

Here are a few pictures and a small video clip from the tournament:

Thanks again Luis Garrido for the shot.

Thanks again Luis Garrido for the shot.

Thanks Luis for the photo!

Thanks Luis for the photo!

Hit against the Colorado team for game point.

Thanks for reading.

See you on the sand,

Christian Honer