Rocky Point 2014

IS that a mustache I see?

IS that a mustache I see?

Rocky Point (yes Mexico)!

If you didn’t go to Rocky Point, you my friend missed out. Rocky Point happens twice a year, it’s a fours tournament. This year 80 teams went total. Only 6 AAA/Open teams though. Showed up Friday and played pick-up for a few hours then figured out where I was gonna stay (a couch, obviously).

The tournament day on Saturday came around. I had such a fun team. Played with Drew, Gregg, and Kristen. Our day was going so well, went 3-0 in pool play, got the first seed, won our first 2 games then played Tom, Richie, Ryan & Michelle in the semi’s and won 21-9 which I don’t think anyone expected. We then waited around for the finals. But before the finals sir Tom Witt or as they call him “the Oracle” made an announcement from his committee to give Drew & I our AAA cards (you will see in the picture below). It meant a lot coming from such a successful volleyball player. So after he distracted us and got us all excited we lost the finals 25-18 or something with NO DOUBLE FINAL. Come on man! Oh well, it was such a good time having a huge crowd watching you play the game you love.

As you can tell, I'm pretty stoked :)

As you can tell, I’m pretty stoked 🙂