Pacific Beach Fest Tournament 2014

What an incredible venue it was. Big thanks to Scott Hodge with True Beach for running such an amazing tournament this weekend in San Diego, California and thank you for inviting me. He got some great players to come out which was great. One including my partner, Jake Rosener. I was stoked to finish off the year playing with someone who has qualified for an AVP this year and has done well in plenty of other tournaments. Big thanks to him for playing with me!

It was a beautiful day in San Diego, California. I was so happy to be there. Felt prepared for the tournament which is always good. We ended up going 2-1 in our pool. We had a very tough pool our games were 28-26, 28-26 and 22-28 against the #1 seed and the team that won the tournament Lockhead/Marchewka lots of respect to those volleyball players. They deserve it. Great two dudes with some incredible talent.

At the PBFest 2014 I felt good all tournament long until we hit the 5th place match I decided to take my foot off the gas to cruise and expect to win while saving energy. I gotta realize that if I’m not playing 100% I ain’t gonna win. I had a great time getting the chance to play the team that won it, I’ve been following them this year and they’ve been doing incredibly well.

My next steps is to work on my nutrition plan and fitness plan to make sure I can last an entire tournament without an issue. I’ve had some guidance from some good friends of mine that I am going to learn from.

Here’s a few pictures from the great photographer Ed Chan, thank you for coming out sir! Big thanks to Ryan with Healthy Souls for sponsoring such a great event!



See you on the sand in 2015,


Christian Honer