NVL Milwaukee & NVL Cincinnati Back to Back

Hello readers,


First of all, thank you all for the support! I’m super lucky to have the family and friends I have that support me in everything I do. So this time I had the chance to play in both the Milwaukee NVL and Cincy NVL which were back to back weekends. Along the way I got to visit Chicago, and train at an indoor sand volleyball facility called Empowered.

NVL Milwaukee –

So we ended up having the 6 seed in the qualifier. We had 2 rounds to get into the main draw, first round we won in two pretty easily. Second round was against the team of Phil Burrow and Marcus Santos it was a very exciting game and we ended up pulling out the win in two which gave us a spot in the main draw which started the following day. Our first round was against the team of Travis Schoonover and Andrew Russell we struggled to get started, so they took care of us pretty quickly. Next round we played against an east coast team Todd Strassburger and Chris Vaughn who got the #12 seed of the main draw. We ended up beating them which put us in 9th place. Next team was Will Robbins and Justin Phipps which, if we won, would put us onto the final day and we ended up losing in 2.

Things are crazy, hoping to find some time to be able to post some more on this blog 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Here’s the pictures from the great event:

NVL Milwaukee 2015