King Of The Mountain in Vail Colorado 2014

Hello all, hope all is well!

I decided to take the trip out to Vail, Colorado for the King of The Mountain tournament to play with my friend Bryan Klein. I flew into Denver Friday @ noon and got to the tournament site later that afternoon. I was blown away by how gorgeous the tournament layout was. There was also some snow on the mountains.

After arriving, I found out we got lucky and received the 4th seed. I was super stoked on that especially never playing in this tournament before. Saturday we had our first match and won pretty handily in 2. We then played our second match on Saturday and won again in 2. Later that night, it started getting pretty chilly. We played a team I always enjoy watching. Which was a local team from Colorado. They play the quick offense and it’s quite fun to watch. We lost to 3 to them. Sadly we let the hecklers get in our head and fell apart. I got my hands on some sweet Plastic Clothing. The board shorts I got were sweet!

Sunday we had to ref first game of the day. Sadly that was rough on our sleep. We reffed at like 8:00 a.m. then waited around for our first match of the day. We ended up waiting until about 1 o’clock if I remember correctly. We played our first game and won (let me remind you, it was one game to 25 in the losers bracket). Our second game was against the only California team there which was pretty good. We ended up losing 25-21 which gave us a 7th place finish. I was pretty disappointed with the finish. But it was a fun weekend and I won’t be complaining anytime soon. It was tough going to such a high altitude which totally kept me from jump serving and made me breath heavy after each and every play.

We drove back that night then decided the winner of the tournament would train us that next morning. Training on Monday was exhausting I’ve never had such a good training day. It really made me realize how much harder I need to be working in my training if I want to be the best Beach Volleyball Player I can become. There’s always room for improvement, that’s the lovely thing about this game. Even though it is frustrating not making it to the top.

Things I took away from this weekend.

  • I played left for the first time since last summer, ¬†played better than expected
  • I still need to work on my defense/blocking
  • My mental game still has work to be done
  • I’ll be back in Colorado soon enough
  • There’s nothing more I want than to start training harder
  • I will be a student of this game for the rest of my life

I’ll be adding pictures to this post hopefully soon.

See you on the sand,

Christian Honer