Huntington Beach AVP 2014

Decided to give the Huntington Beach AVP Qualifier a go here in final event for the 2014 season. My second consecutive year trying to qualify this tournament. This year we came up short. Played our first round against a local California team that was more than beatable, but we ended up beating up ourselves. Being up 20-18 in the first was very promising. But losing 25-27 was not the way we wanted to finish. We had plenty of opportunities to win that game obviously, but never really took advantage of it. After that mental struggle we ended up getting slaughtered the next game 14-21.

Other than the fact that it didn’t go so well. I have come to a conclusion and that conclusion is that I am always learning, winning, losing, getting destroyed, having mental struggles, being up by 5 then losing, being down 5 then winning. This game is so random and I need to be able to control what goes on my side much better than I have been.

On the bright side, I am very happy to have had the opportunity to play in 4 AVP events so far. Huntington Beach 2k13, 2k14, Salt Lake City, and the Manhattan Beach AVP. At the beginning of this year, I never expected to get that chance to play in all of those tournaments. The AVP is truly a classy tour, they have an incredible staff that takes care of their players.

Now I have 1 more event this season which will be on October 4th and that will be in San Diego, California. I am very excited to be finishing off this season with a great partner, Jake Rosener aka: “TheBodyByJake” on Instagram. This season has been an exhausting one mentally and physically. I think my body needs a break from being so competitive and serious for a little while. Following the next blog post with results on the San Diego Invitational tournament I will be giving a salute to Summer 2k14 including my off season goals to be much more prepared for next season.

I know for being a 19 year old, I am incredibly lucky to have had the chance to travel and play as much as I have. I hope this will all help me out in my future matches.

Thanks to those who read this, you’re the true MVP.

Signing out,


Christian Honer