Huntington Beach AVP 2013

The Huntington Beach AVP Championship was my first try at an AVP Qualifier. It was a tough way out of the qualifiers. There were 40+ teams in the bracket when only 4 have the chance to move on to the main draw. First and foremost I wanted to express how well we were treated as players. It was all around a great experience for me. Myself,  my partner Steve and our friend Teal ended up leaving Wednesday night around 7:30p.m. (after I was finished coaching) and the qualifiers began at 9:00 the next morning. So we arrived in Huntington Beach, Calif. around 1:00a.m. if I remember correctly. Headed straight to bed, woke up and went straight to Huntington Beach ended up with the #36 seed. Our first match was against some older folks who still had some game. They were the #30 seed. We ended up winning 21-12, 21-9. After that match, I ended up watching a bunch of friends play which was a lot of fun. We then found out we were playing the #3 seed Brian Bomgren and Tim Bomgren (hey, guess what…. they’re brothers). They both were extremely down to earth guys who I’ve watched play and have looked up to for quite some time. I felt very nervous, unfocused, and not very relaxed which isn’t the greatest feeling going into a match against a team as high caliber as these dudes. Both games I struggled siding out big time. The first game ended up 12-21. The second game I felt a little bit more focused, relaxed, not as nervous. We had the side switch at 4-3 and went on a 5 point run to give us 9-3 which was quite exciting, yet they called a time out and figured it out rather quickly. I continued to struggle to side out during the second game which forced a loss of 13-21.

AVP Huntington Beach

Thanks to Rich Lanzone at Established Images for this shot!

I was very disappointed with the way I played. But then quickly realized how good that team is and how it’s been 2+ months since I’ve experienced the California sand/wind which really takes some time getting used to (for me personally). I saw this qualifier as a definite learning I have to learn to focus, stay relaxed and get rid of those nerves. I also have to get in the gym to get in shape. I realized how out of shape I was during that second game. I tried to force too many shots, trying to be way to fancy I just have to be smart and aggressive. One good thing I can take away is that my passing was better than it has been in awhile which I was stoked about.

Here’s the highlight video playing the Bomgren’s: