Update June 6th

Hello friends,

First things first, if you didn’t know I have officially received my AAA rating in CBVA which is very exciting. Secondly, I have made the USA Beach Volleyball U21 High Performance team. So I will be training throughout the rest of the summer with the team and get some training from my coach Jose Loiola.

Since my last update I have officially moved into a house in South Torrence so I’m not couch surfing so much anymore (although that was interesting). My plan is to be there for the rest of the summer then find something closer while finding a job. Not much of a plan but it works.

I played in an Arizona EVP Tournament with Drew, we finished 3rd. Wasn’t the best day, but we’re looking to bounce back and battle at the AVP Next in Scottsdale, Arizona which is tomorrow.

The next few weeks are busy. I have the AVP Next tomorrow as I mentioned above. Next weekend I’m playing in Vail, Colorado (June 14th, 15th) with Bryan Klein from New Mexico. Then the following week after that which is June 21st and June 22nd I will be playing with Alex Dale in the Pottstown Rumble in Pennsylvania. After that my plan is to be in California playing in Opens and training as much as possible.

I am also on the lookout for sponsors, so if anyone has an idea of anyone willing. Please let me know. I will use the money for vballs, lines, gym membership, healthy food, tournament fees and much more. It’s not cheap being a Beach Volleyball Player. That’s for sure!

I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for the encouragement and support. It means a lot.

See you on the sand…

Christian Honer

Goals for 2014

Hi friends,

Goals are much more successful when they are written down or in my case blogged. I will continue to add and check off if I have attained these goals. My ultimate goal of 2014 is to get in better shape and to stabilize my joints (shoulders, knees) and keep myself from getting hurt in the future. Another goal I have is to get my AAA in CBVA. I’ve been so close with two thirds and one 5th. I have the confidence that I will get it done this year. My next goal is to make the HP top 4 in U21 so I can get the opportunity to train with some great coaches, learn the game and travel to another country to play beach volleyball. This will be an incredible experience that I really hope to get. Qualifying for a main draw in the AVP is another one of my goals. Check out this post to see my first experience in Huntington. As well as finishing a 9th or better in an NVL. Click here to see the post from my 17th in the Hermosa NVL. Check the list below.

Goals for 2014:

Stability in joints, better shape

  • AAA in CBVA – completed May 11th, 2014
  • Make Top 4 U21 HP USA Volleyball National Team
  • Move to California
  • Qualify for an AVP Event
  • Place 5th or better in a CBVA Open – completed May 11th, 2014 in Long Beach
  • Place 9th or better in an NVL Event
  • Some private beach lessons
  • Win every tournament in Arizona
  • Learn more mental parts about the game
  • Start eating better.
  • 40 inch vertical in the sand
  • Film in every tournament and most practices

I will continue to add more to these list as I think of them.

Stay in touch,

Christian Honer