Beginning of the season updates

Hello readers,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posts here on my blog. I’m slackin’! There’s already a few neat things that have happened in the 2015 season thus far.

Richie and I played in the first Evp open of the year in Arizona and ended up only losing one set throughout the entire day. We won a free trip to Florida June 4-6

I got to play in a CBVA in Manhattan with a good friend Chris Patz.

I got to play in Panama City Beach, Florida during Spring Break and ended up commentating during the main draw which was a good time.

Finally, before I headed back to Arizona I finished 9th in the Marine Street CBVA Open with Richie Thomas.

Next tournament is Rocky Point, Mexico (April 11th).

Rocky Point Nov 2014

Everyone who goes to rocky point looks forward to going to rocky point every year! It’s an incredible place to visit as well as a fun place to play, hangout and watch some good beach volleyball. I believe this is my 3rd time going and out of 3 times going I finished 2nd twice. Yet to win a Rocky Point. But I don’t mind, Rocky Point is a grand time. Big thanks to Shawn McConnell for setting up such a fun event twice a year! There’s a lot of work involved but he gets it done!

I made a video kind of featuring me over the tournament check it out:


Beach Volleyball is alive and well! Let’s keep growing this sport we all know and love! So this year I was more prepared than normal for the Rocky Point Volleyball tournament. I actually paid for a place to stay ahead of time, arranged rides ahead of time. I was quite proud of myself for that. I advise every one of you who is my friend. Go to Rocky Point. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s my other video featuring all the volleyball players in Rocky Point:


Let me know what you think!


Christian Honer

Pacific Beach Fest Tournament 2014

What an incredible venue it was. Big thanks to Scott Hodge with True Beach for running such an amazing tournament this weekend in San Diego, California and thank you for inviting me. He got some great players to come out which was great. One including my partner, Jake Rosener. I was stoked to finish off the year playing with someone who has qualified for an AVP this year and has done well in plenty of other tournaments. Big thanks to him for playing with me!

It was a beautiful day in San Diego, California. I was so happy to be there. Felt prepared for the tournament which is always good. We ended up going 2-1 in our pool. We had a very tough pool our games were 28-26, 28-26 and 22-28 against the #1 seed and the team that won the tournament Lockhead/Marchewka lots of respect to those volleyball players. They deserve it. Great two dudes with some incredible talent.

At the PBFest 2014 I felt good all tournament long until we hit the 5th place match I decided to take my foot off the gas to cruise and expect to win while saving energy. I gotta realize that if I’m not playing 100% I ain’t gonna win. I had a great time getting the chance to play the team that won it, I’ve been following them this year and they’ve been doing incredibly well.

My next steps is to work on my nutrition plan and fitness plan to make sure I can last an entire tournament without an issue. I’ve had some guidance from some good friends of mine that I am going to learn from.

Here’s a few pictures from the great photographer Ed Chan, thank you for coming out sir! Big thanks to Ryan with Healthy Souls for sponsoring such a great event!



See you on the sand in 2015,


Christian Honer

Huntington Beach AVP 2014

Decided to give the Huntington Beach AVP Qualifier a go here in final event for the 2014 season. My second consecutive year trying to qualify this tournament. This year we came up short. Played our first round against a local California team that was more than beatable, but we ended up beating up ourselves. Being up 20-18 in the first was very promising. But losing 25-27 was not the way we wanted to finish. We had plenty of opportunities to win that game obviously, but never really took advantage of it. After that mental struggle we ended up getting slaughtered the next game 14-21.

Other than the fact that it didn’t go so well. I have come to a conclusion and that conclusion is that I am always learning, winning, losing, getting destroyed, having mental struggles, being up by 5 then losing, being down 5 then winning. This game is so random and I need to be able to control what goes on my side much better than I have been.

On the bright side, I am very happy to have had the opportunity to play in 4 AVP events so far. Huntington Beach 2k13, 2k14, Salt Lake City, and the Manhattan Beach AVP. At the beginning of this year, I never expected to get that chance to play in all of those tournaments. The AVP is truly a classy tour, they have an incredible staff that takes care of their players.

Now I have 1 more event this season which will be on October 4th and that will be in San Diego, California. I am very excited to be finishing off this season with a great partner, Jake Rosener aka: “TheBodyByJake” on Instagram. This season has been an exhausting one mentally and physically. I think my body needs a break from being so competitive and serious for a little while. Following the next blog post with results on the San Diego Invitational tournament I will be giving a salute to Summer 2k14 including my off season goals to be much more prepared for next season.

I know for being a 19 year old, I am incredibly lucky to have had the chance to travel and play as much as I have. I hope this will all help me out in my future matches.

Thanks to those who read this, you’re the true MVP.

Signing out,


Christian Honer


42nd Annual Motherload in Aspen Colorado 2014

My second experience in Aspen was a bit different this time. I was planning on playing with Ryan Townsend, but he was injured and last minute found my friend Garrett Roberts. We came into this tournament with the 28th seed. Last year I played in this tournament and had a great time and obviously wanted to come back.

First match was against a New Mexico player and Colorado dude. This was not the best showing for us. We were kind of warming up. We ended up winning the match in 3. 21-16. 19-21 and 24-22 in the third. It was back and fourth on siding out and was a battle I am very glad we won.

Next match was against the Champions of the 2014 Motherload tournament: Skylar Del Sol and Cody Kessel. Two good friends of mine. We were with them in the first thing and ended up being up 13-12 in the first then slowly stopped siding out. I’m glad I can say we were ahead of the champions and it wasn’t even 1-0. So after our first loss we played two matches in the losers bracket to 25 and this was against 2 Texas teams. We won 25-18 in the first match. Then finished 25-14 in the next one.

Our last match of the tournament was against good friends of mine as well; Bobby Jones and Jeff Samuels. We had a very slow start to this match. I got frustrated with a few sets and my head went mental. Didn’t play my normal style, didn’t look the same out on the court. I have so much to learn about this game and it begins with the mental side. I’ve always thought I had a strong mental game until this match.

Now going ahead, I have a local tournament in Arizona then I’m off to the AVP Huntington Beach then playing in the fabulous Pacific Beach Fest tournament in San Diego on October 4th.

See you on the sand,

Christian Honer

PS: Thanks to San Antonio Wedding Photographers for the great photos from this tournament!


AVP Manhattan Open Qualifier 2014

Most of you know, this is the grand daddy of all tournaments or as some say the “wimbledon” of beach volleyball. The winners get their name on the Manhattan Pier. It’s kind of a big deal. This was my first year playing in the event. We ended taking the #13 seed. We got such a good seed because of the AVP Next events in Arizona.

Our first match was on stadium court which was pretty neat. It was against a good friend of my Jake (who I played with in the HP Championships) and his partner was another U21 kid. We ended up losing the first game 19-21 Drew and I were very disappointed in ourselves. We were not playing our game whatsoever. We then talked about what we need to do in between games and started the second game a little better. Still struggling a bit but we ended up winning 21-14. After two games we finally got it together and played OUR game and won the third game 15-5.

We finally felt on track, our next game was against a pretty tall team. I was pretty confident going into it. We ended up losing in two 21-14, 21-14. They were just too tall. They had a foot on us.

I had a great time watching the rest of the weekend and I’m very glad we didn’t lose our first, that would’ve been frustrating.

After this weekend I felt like I should move back to Arizona, I haven’t been making much money and I haven’t been getting in the gym like I said I was going to 1million times.

In order to get to the next level in this game, I need to be eating right and working out regularly. So I have made the decision on moving back home to Arizona with my family and focus on working on getting sponsors, business ideas, working out and making a plan on how I will stay out in California next summer.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support,


Christian Honer


Breckenridge, CO 2014

Had the opportunity to play in another Colorado tournament. The 2nd out of 3 this year. The Colorado tournaments are close to my favorite ones. The weather is always so nice, the people are great, and it’s always in a beautiful venue.


I played with Drew Winterstein. We ended up getting the 8 seed. We played our first round on Saturday bright and early and won in two, then waited around for our second round and won in two. Then we made it to the point where we had to play the #1 seeded team that won this tournament last year. It was a Chicago team. They were a solid all around team. We ended up losing in 3. After beating them the first game they got really pumped up and started talking a lot of trash which also included a lot of heckling from their Chicago friends as well. So after playing Saturday, we finished 2-1 which put us in 9th place.


Sunday morning bright and early we arrived to the courts and won our first two matches to get us to the 5th place keeping in mind if we won this match we would make it to the crossover. They were a very solid team and we ended up beating them in 2. Which put us in our first crossover for an out of town tournament if I remember correctly. We then had to play the #1 seeded team from Chicago again. We ended up playing very poorly and lost in 2. But there was a lot less heckling which was nice.


It was a bittersweet finish of 3rd place. I was very stoked to have finished 3rd but also frustrated cause I know we could’ve done better. But looking back, the different was they had a 6ft 10in blocker who was gnarly at the net. That’s something the two of us don’t have. We’re both just about 6ft or even under 6ft. Having someone at the net blocking makes a big difference.


So I am trying to determine whether or not I wanna move back to Arizona and focus on getting in better shape then coming back next Summer or just staying out for good. Tough decision for me.


Next up we are playing in the Manhattan AVP event this coming weekend then I’m back out to the beautiful mountains in Colorado for the Motherload. Lots ahead, lots to work on. Couldn’t be more excited.


Thanks for reading. See you on the sand.


Christian Honer

AVP Next Tournament Aug 2nd

Well folks, I’m so frustrated right now I thought I’d post a blog post about today’s tournament. Today was the last tournament of the AVP Next Series. Drove out to Arizona last night to play today. Found out with our finishes we’d have to win the tournament in order to win the trip, big $$, etc. So that sort of put some pressure on us you could say. But that definitely wasn’t the deal breaker.

So we began today playing Tyson and Marcus in which we won in two. Everything felt smooth. Next game we play was against a really good team Nate/Steve. Before that game we beat them twice and they’ve beat us once in the series. So we ended up going to 3 winning which was sweet. Next we played Gregg/Brian and ended up winning in 3 I was feeling really good about everything we were siding out well everything was smooth yet again.

After the first few points in the final game I started feeling the cramping coming. Never fun. So throughout this whole first game I was cramping in my legs. 2nd game began started cramping further up my legs and started to get me in the abs/back area. Playing through it was rough. We ended up somehow pulling out the second game 21-19. We made it to the third game. I was thinking to myself “15 points”. I thought we had it we went up 9-6 and in transition I went up to block then totally fell on the ground completely cramped out. We called an injury timeout and started 1 man serve receive so all I had to was set. We went through and ended up going up 14-11 then I made a few mistakes and we finished at 16-14.

This was a super frustrating finish for me. I planned on winning this and I felt like I hydrated extremely well and ate very well the day before. But I must have missed out on today, I didn’t eat any real food today other than a protein shake and a banana.

My take away:

Figure out what I need to do to stop cramping. Not sure exactly what that looks like but I need to figure it out. More fluids? Better food?

Things to work on:

Continue to work on my vision.

Continue getting in the gym.

Be more aggressive.

Work on pulling the right way.

Live and learn I guess. There’s a lot ahead. This Thursday is the AVP Salt Lake City Qualifier, Saturday & Sunday will be a Men’s open in Breckenridge, Colorado. Then the following weekend is the Manhattan Beach AVP Qualifier.

Lots to look forward to, trying not to dwell on it too much.

See you on the sand,

Christian Honer

USAV Beach U21 HP Championships 2014

Howdy! Welcome back to my blog. Again it has been awhile since I’ve posted here. But that’s okay right? Right… It’s my blog and I do what I want.

First things first I want to share how great of an opportunity it was to play on the U21 National Team. It was quite an experience getting the coaching and consistent training week in and week out. I am very thankful for this summer with USA Beach Volleyball. I sure hope I get the chance to do it all over next year and hopefully work hard enough to travel!

So this year the USAV Beach HP Championships for my division (U21’s) were in Long Beach, California during the FIVB Long Beach Grand Slam event which was a good ‘ole time. My partner for this tournament was Jake T. from Huntington Beach, California. I was stoked to get the opportunity to play in this tournament. There were only a few cons like the sand was extremely shallow and hot because of it.

We started pool play on Wednesday and won all 3 matches including the team that won the tournament and a Canadian national team. I was super stoked going into the second day and might’ve had a bit of overconfidence which is never good. So our first match of the day we win pretty handily then we were onto the semi finals and played a team that was on our training team and definitely didn’t have our best game. But we also had a ref who literally had to be on their side the entire game. Nothing could go our way. Balls that we hit in she called out, balls they hit out she called in, etc. It was extremely frustrating. I couldn’t understand what was going through her mind. Oh well, I definitely learned I can’t let those stupid referees get in my head.

So after losing the semi-final match and getting very frustrated we played for 3rd place and ended up pooping the bed and losing that one by 2. This was a very frustrating tournament for me and I learned how I struggle playing with people my age, because most of them don’t approach the game or see the game the way I do. For some reason I’ve matured mentally/emotionally vs physically (sadly, sorry ladies).

For now,

Christian Honer


FIVB LB GS_Thursday-12

Cincinnati NVL 2014

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post.

This past weekend I made a trip out to Mason, Ohio for The NVL Midwest Championship which was at the Beach Waterpark. I was very impressed with the venue, it was pretty awesome to be in the center of a giant waterpark.

Onto the volleyball, we ended up being the #6 seed in the qualifier I believe. Our first match we won in 2 pretty easily. The sand was jumpers sand so I actually could hit a little bit haha. Our second match we struggled to side out and lost in two. I ended up being very frustrated but looking back on it I learned again that I have to prepare much more & work much harder to get to the point where I want to be.

It all comes down to what time I put into the game before a tournament to determine how I do in a tournament and this time I didn’t put in enough time.

On the bright side, AL-B and the rest of the NVL crew was nice enough to let me be the MC for most of the weekend. I had such a good time getting on the microphone and commentating some good pro beach volleyball (obviously after the nerves went away).

Moving forward I am playing in the AVP Next in Scottsdale, Arizona this Saturday and possibly the Zuma open down in Malibu on Sunday. Hoping for a win on Saturday and hoping for a decent finish on Sunday after the drive and the long tournament on Saturday.

Leave some suggestions in the comments on what you’d like me to blog about. Hope you all are doing well 🙂

See you on the sand,

Christian Honer AKA: ChristianVball


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