Bye Summer 2014

Goodbye summer 2014 and hello off season! So the summer is gone, I just finished my last tournament of the summer in San Diego, California now it’s time for this Beach Volleyball bum to get back to coaching/work and getting in the gym to come out much stronger in 2015.  I am stoked to say this has been the best summer of my life. I have met so many great people, learned so much about myself, learned so much about volleyball, traveled to places I never thought I’d visit,  and experience things I never thought I would experience.

Looking back, there’s always things I want to shed light on that I may be frustrated about, but this post is supposed to be the positivity of the summer. SHORE there were ups and downs but I want to focus on the ups.

Summer always goes by way too fast, it seems like just yesterday I was preparing for transition week for High Performance Beach Training which was early May.

Progress is so fun to see, from last summer to this summer or even from the beginning of this summer to now I can definitely say I am a different person and a different player because of taking experiences I’ve had and learning from them. But I am not done progressing, I have so much more progression needed if I want to get to the highest level. And I’m quite excited about that.

It’s hard to let the summer go, there are so many memories and great times I had with some amazing people. But I gotta just let it go and make sure I am even more ready next summer. It’s always a learning experience for me. Last summer I learned a bunch of stuff, this summer I learned a bunch of stuff. Let’s hope it will help me out for next summer.

Before say bye bye for good.. I have publicly listed my goals for volleyball as well as listing what I’ve learned this season. I really need to look at these every day. Obviously not every one of these goals will be completed, but I will do the best I can with them.


Get my vertical up to 40+ inches
Get in the habit of lifting/hip movements/crossfit, etc
Get involved with YOGA
Look for sponsors
Enjoy the moments of coaching
Get a sand coaching job
Buy a GoPro to film every match next year
30k Followers on Instagram, 2,500 likes on Facebook page, 5,000 followers on Twitter

What I’ve learned in the 2014 season:

There was so much learning going on this year with the wins and loses. I tried to take every loss and learn something from it. I think doing that will help me tremendously in the future!

I need to get in much better shape
I need to work on my fundamentals of the game, break it down
I need to work on my court vision
I need to find some sort of before tournament preparation which includes food/hydration to prevent cramping
I need to find my competitive edge to play 100% the entire tournament
I need to learn the art of finding a partner

I will be updating my blog to show results for 2014 and a schedule for 2015.

See you in 2015!

Christian Honer