Breckenridge, CO 2014

Had the opportunity to play in another Colorado tournament. The 2nd out of 3 this year. The Colorado tournaments are close to my favorite ones. The weather is always so nice, the people are great, and it’s always in a beautiful venue.


I played with Drew Winterstein. We ended up getting the 8 seed. We played our first round on Saturday bright and early and won in two, then waited around for our second round and won in two. Then we made it to the point where we had to play the #1 seeded team that won this tournament last year. It was a Chicago team. They were a solid all around team. We ended up losing in 3. After beating them the first game they got really pumped up and started talking a lot of trash which also included a lot of heckling from their Chicago friends as well. So after playing Saturday, we finished 2-1 which put us in 9th place.


Sunday morning bright and early we arrived to the courts and won our first two matches to get us to the 5th place keeping in mind if we won this match we would make it to the crossover. They were a very solid team and we ended up beating them in 2. Which put us in our first crossover for an out of town tournament if I remember correctly. We then had to play the #1 seeded team from Chicago again. We ended up playing very poorly and lost in 2. But there was a lot less heckling which was nice.


It was a bittersweet finish of 3rd place. I was very stoked to have finished 3rd but also frustrated cause I know we could’ve done better. But looking back, the different was they had a 6ft 10in blocker who was gnarly at the net. That’s something the two of us don’t have. We’re both just about 6ft or even under 6ft. Having someone at the net blocking makes a big difference.


So I am trying to determine whether or not I wanna move back to Arizona and focus on getting in better shape then coming back next Summer or just staying out for good. Tough decision for me.


Next up we are playing in the Manhattan AVP event this coming weekend then I’m back out to the beautiful mountains in Colorado for the Motherload. Lots ahead, lots to work on. Couldn’t be more excited.


Thanks for reading. See you on the sand.


Christian Honer