How I increased my vertical jump in 8 weeks

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here I hope that you all are well. I’ve been hitting the weights hard, eating right, hydrating properly and trying my best to stay healthy this off season to prepare for the 2016 beach volleyball season. One of my goals coming into 2016 was to have a 40″ vertical for the volleyball season. I’ll tell you I’m pretty close.

So how did I start to jump higher for volleyball in 8 weeks?

  1. Maximal strength – I did lots of deadlifts, squats, bench press and some other exercises to increase my strength.
  2. Hip mobility – Almost every workout I was working on my hips, hip flexor, glutes and other surrounding parts.
  3. Myofascial release – I began to use a foam roller or lacrosse ball in specific spots to break up the lactic acid. Along with massages once every few weeks.
  4. Plyometrics – I did lots of different jumping variations to create my neuromuscular strength.
  5. Proper warmup – All of my workouts included a proper dynamic warmup whether those were frankensteins, hip mob, glute bridges, I was always warming up/activating my muscles before using them.
  6. Proper cool downs – Following my self myofascial release after my workouts I will use bands to stretch and cool down my muscles.
  7. Protein after workouts – Following every workout I would drink a whey protein shake along with a good recovery meal.
  8. A good diet – I wasn’t eating junk food these 8 weeks I was on the Super Human Diet which is the best diet for athletes
  9. Electrolytes, salt and lots of water – I’ve been using Ultima Replenisher and pink Himalayan salt mainly for my electrolytes. Because there is no added sugars plus I get all my necessary electrolytes
  10. Recovery – My recovery involves massages, self myofascial release, flat spa treatment, chiropractic, yoga, rolfing and much more.

These are some habits I’m really excited to get into to continue seeing and most of all feeling results. “Most people will ever understand how good your body is designed to feel”. Starting to realize how true that is.

My buddy Brandon Talbot put me through an the first online volleyball vertical training program. It is 8 weeks long, similar to the program I finished up. I can’t even explain how much better my body feels. If you’re looking to add inches on your vertical, learn to recover properly, hit a better volleyball, find volleyball specific workouts or anything like that VolleyVert is perfect for you.

Check out my transformation, I started at a 52inch box jump about a year ago to now almost getting 65 inches:

Thank you for reading I’m so excited to start getting back in volleyball shape to start training for the new year.
Christian Honer

Late September Updates (off-season plans)

Hey guys,

It’s been awhile since I’ve put together a blog post. Just wanted to update you all with whats going on. So currently after the 2015 season I ended up being ranked 83rd on This is the beginning for me. I was chosen as the athlete of the month for NuGo Nutrition bars. I also became an ambassador for Ultima Replenisher to keep me hydrated through my workouts and trainings. Within the next few weeks I will be releasing a Volleyball Vertical Training ebook to give away/sell so I can hopefully earn some cash for next season. Be on the lookout for that product 🙂

Today is the begginning of my official off season as I’m typing this I’m about to head to the gym for my workout. I have some plans in order to see more success in the 2016 season.

– Gain 6-10 inches on my vertical

– Work on my arm swing/approach

– Read some books on mental strength

– Look to find some sponsors so I can live somewhat more secure (it’s tough as a volleyball player)

I’m headed to the gym but will add more to this post I just wanted to give ya’ll an update. Let me know in the comments if there are any suggestions you have for me.

PS: I put together another YouTube video, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on there but I’m planning on posting a little more this off season. Check out the video below:


NVL Milwaukee & NVL Cincinnati Back to Back

Hello readers,


First of all, thank you all for the support! I’m super lucky to have the family and friends I have that support me in everything I do. So this time I had the chance to play in both the Milwaukee NVL and Cincy NVL which were back to back weekends. Along the way I got to visit Chicago, and train at an indoor sand volleyball facility called Empowered.

NVL Milwaukee –

So we ended up having the 6 seed in the qualifier. We had 2 rounds to get into the main draw, first round we won in two pretty easily. Second round was against the team of Phil Burrow and Marcus Santos it was a very exciting game and we ended up pulling out the win in two which gave us a spot in the main draw which started the following day. Our first round was against the team of Travis Schoonover and Andrew Russell we struggled to get started, so they took care of us pretty quickly. Next round we played against an east coast team Todd Strassburger and Chris Vaughn who got the #12 seed of the main draw. We ended up beating them which put us in 9th place. Next team was Will Robbins and Justin Phipps which, if we won, would put us onto the final day and we ended up losing in 2.

Things are crazy, hoping to find some time to be able to post some more on this blog 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Here’s the pictures from the great event:

NVL Milwaukee 2015

Beginning of the season updates

Hello readers,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posts here on my blog. I’m slackin’! There’s already a few neat things that have happened in the 2015 season thus far.

Richie and I played in the first Evp open of the year in Arizona and ended up only losing one set throughout the entire day. We won a free trip to Florida June 4-6

I got to play in a CBVA in Manhattan with a good friend Chris Patz.

I got to play in Panama City Beach, Florida during Spring Break and ended up commentating during the main draw which was a good time.

Finally, before I headed back to Arizona I finished 9th in the Marine Street CBVA Open with Richie Thomas.

Next tournament is Rocky Point, Mexico (April 11th).

Hello 2015 Season and a Video

Hello readers,

Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of 2015, it’s already going by way too fast. I recently signed for an agency which will act as my agent for the upcoming season and beyond. Arizona has a early start to its Sand Volleyball Season as our first tournament is going to be February 21st. It’s an EVP Tournament for a trip to Florida and I’m planning on competing and after that we shall see what happens with sponsorships and funds if I can afford to travel as much as I did last year. I might have to budget a bit more.

Anyways, I recently took a small vacation to California I needed my beach time and a video was a MUST! Check it out!!


[Guest Post] John Kessel’s view on Burnouts in Sports

Hello Readers,

First of all, I want to give a big thanks to John Kessel for writing the first of Guest Blog post on, Thank you for your great insight, John! Most of us volleyball players have hit a Burnout at one time or another. Read what John has to say and you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you check out his blog here!

Burnout in Sports

By John Kessel

1. As someone who has not yet burned out on the sport I love, still playing in the dinosaur division with my son and doing my sport 7 days a week for over 40 years, I hope to share some ideas with you on how to avoid burn out. In no particular order, I share my “Top Ten” thoughts in the hope one or more might help you…
If it really is your passion and even purpose, burn out is minimized or eliminated. I would sum it up this way, keep doing lots of sports until you find the one you LOVE. If you find the one you love early in your life (your love, not one force on you by others) GREAT, stick with it. If not, keep giving other sports a go until you find one you love.

This diagram might help you in finding your passion and purpose in sports, and in life. I know it sums up well how I feel:




2. The words you say to yourself can cause a range of doubt that can move into burnout. Many top athletes have surprising high levels of self-doubt in their striving to be perfect.  I have covered before in my Grow the Game Together blogs on eliminating words like “try,” “don’t” and “but” as those words negatively impact your performance and passion.  The thing is, many other words and phrases you might say to yourself can do the same. So if the words you say to yourself were to appear on your skin, would people still see yourself as strong or confident?  Imagine saying those same harsh words you say to yourself, to your teammates…would you ever say them? You would not…so stop saying them to yourself!

3. There is no such thing as overtraining, but most people do not give themselves enough recovery/rest time.  A lack of recovery time impacts both learning time- by not getting enough sleep and because fatigue is detrimental to learning – and increases burn out. The USOC just spent millions on an athlete recovery center. Your own center starts at home, in your room, where you need to make sure you schedule in rest time, and in training, where you schedule breaks from practice. As a wise woodsman once said, you need to take time to sharpen your saw/axe – or else you have to work harder and harder with a duller and duller tool.

4. That which you teach, you learn – If you feel like you are burned out playing, take time to teach your sport to others less experienced/skilled than you. If you are burned out coaching, take time to play. Working with elementary aged kids, Paralympian, and Special Olympians in your sport will help you realize how lucky you are to play at the level you do.

5. Never let the pressure of competition get in the way of the pleasure of competition. Remember, in every event you compete in, there is only one gold medalist. In team sports, 50 percent of the teams lose every single day. Focus on what you can control and enjoy!

6. Likewise, if you feel like you have hit a wall in a skill set, challenge yourself to see things through other’s eyes by playing a new position. In volleyball, you will be a better hitter if you set, and a better setter if you hit, for example. Learn something completely new or foreign to your current skill set. Play a different team sized game from what you are used to – singles players in tennis can play doubles, indoor volleyball players can play outdoor doubles, and so forth.

7. Make practice FUN – Practice needs variety. It needs deliberate practice for sure. Work with yourself, or your coaches, to make sure that the GAME side of your sport is included, wacky scoring, fun endings. I have to admire this list of ways to make something that takes thousands of hours of training with not much variety, into much more fun:

challenges as games


8. Citius, Altius, Fortius – Again the Olympic motto comes to assist, for it is about excelling, not winning, the process, not the outcome, as the pathway is simply not linear. The pathway is more like this:




In the end, it is about caring for yourself first, so you can care for others, teammates included, better. You know what you love beyond sport – so DO THOSE TOO. Sport is great, there just is a lot more to life than sport – music, books, movies, different sports, comedy, cooking…thousands of other ways to take a break and add to your specific sport success.

It’s not about the nail. – I feel I have to close with one of the funniest clips I have ever seen – that is about the relationship with yourself and your loved ones, who just need to listen to your concerns about burn out…Jason Headley makes a brilliant clip –

Follow me on twitter if you found this of value @JohnKesselUSAV or check out my blog at

Rocky Point Nov 2014

Everyone who goes to rocky point looks forward to going to rocky point every year! It’s an incredible place to visit as well as a fun place to play, hangout and watch some good beach volleyball. I believe this is my 3rd time going and out of 3 times going I finished 2nd twice. Yet to win a Rocky Point. But I don’t mind, Rocky Point is a grand time. Big thanks to Shawn McConnell for setting up such a fun event twice a year! There’s a lot of work involved but he gets it done!

I made a video kind of featuring me over the tournament check it out:


Beach Volleyball is alive and well! Let’s keep growing this sport we all know and love! So this year I was more prepared than normal for the Rocky Point Volleyball tournament. I actually paid for a place to stay ahead of time, arranged rides ahead of time. I was quite proud of myself for that. I advise every one of you who is my friend. Go to Rocky Point. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s my other video featuring all the volleyball players in Rocky Point:


Let me know what you think!


Christian Honer

2014 Season Recap

Hi all,

To some of you this might seem like a similar post to “Bye Summer 2014” it kind of is but with a twist on it.

Beginning this year, I didn’t really have too many plans. I just wanted to play, get experience, meet people, get points and have fun. I’m glad I didn’t have too many expectations.

I did just that, this season was an incredible year for me I had a blast getting to travel all over the U.S to play the sport I love the most while meeting people and gaining points and experience.

The reason I moved to California in the first place is because I made the A1 High Performance National Team for the first time. It was a great experience getting coached by the one and only Jose Loyola. Having a consistent practice schedule, discussions on how tournaments were was very important to me. I hope I can continue to play in this great USA Beach Volleyball program for years to come.

During the Summer, I came back to Arizona to play in the AVP Next series which was four events. The AVP Next is a great program to give players opportunities to get points for the actual AVP Tour. We finished 2nd place in the series. Big reason to finishing second was because of my lack of preparation in a combination of not enough hydrating, eating and sleep which I’m working on. I’m planning on playing the AVP Next series again next year.

I got to play in 3 AVP Tour tournaments: Manhattan Beach (grandaddy tournament), Salt Lake City and Huntington Beach. The AVP runs some professional tournaments. They’re staff is incredibly professional and know exactly what they’re doing. You know you’re going to get the same amazing experience from the AVP each and every tournament.

I had the chance to play in 3 NVL Tournaments: Dallas, Ohio and Hermosa Beach. I had so much fun at every single one of the NVL’s. I really enjoy how the NVL runs their tournaments like everyone’s a family. They treat you like you’re apart of a family and all the pros are accessible. They’re really trying to grow the game.

I fell in love with the mountain tournaments in Colorado: Vail, Breckenridge and Aspen. I got the chance to play in all of those and each one was a great time in their own way.

Got my AAA in CBVA which was extremely exciting, I finished 3rd in two CBVA Opens. I was proud of those finishes, but now my goal is to make some Open finals. I felt like I’m right there which is very exciting.

All in all it has been an incredible first year traveling and playing almost every weekend. I learned so much this year I can’t even begin to explain to you. Playing in all these tournaments I realized how important the mental side of the game is as well as the physical part. I need to work on my mental game as well as LIFT. I feel like those 2 things will take me to that next level I want to be playing at as well as proper hydration and nutrition.

So now I know exactly what I need to do and the next step is to actually do it which is my choice.

Pacific Beach Fest Tournament 2014

What an incredible venue it was. Big thanks to Scott Hodge with True Beach for running such an amazing tournament this weekend in San Diego, California and thank you for inviting me. He got some great players to come out which was great. One including my partner, Jake Rosener. I was stoked to finish off the year playing with someone who has qualified for an AVP this year and has done well in plenty of other tournaments. Big thanks to him for playing with me!

It was a beautiful day in San Diego, California. I was so happy to be there. Felt prepared for the tournament which is always good. We ended up going 2-1 in our pool. We had a very tough pool our games were 28-26, 28-26 and 22-28 against the #1 seed and the team that won the tournament Lockhead/Marchewka lots of respect to those volleyball players. They deserve it. Great two dudes with some incredible talent.

At the PBFest 2014 I felt good all tournament long until we hit the 5th place match I decided to take my foot off the gas to cruise and expect to win while saving energy. I gotta realize that if I’m not playing 100% I ain’t gonna win. I had a great time getting the chance to play the team that won it, I’ve been following them this year and they’ve been doing incredibly well.

My next steps is to work on my nutrition plan and fitness plan to make sure I can last an entire tournament without an issue. I’ve had some guidance from some good friends of mine that I am going to learn from.

Here’s a few pictures from the great photographer Ed Chan, thank you for coming out sir! Big thanks to Ryan with Healthy Souls for sponsoring such a great event!



See you on the sand in 2015,


Christian Honer

Bye Summer 2014

Goodbye summer 2014 and hello off season! So the summer is gone, I just finished my last tournament of the summer in San Diego, California now it’s time for this Beach Volleyball bum to get back to coaching/work and getting in the gym to come out much stronger in 2015.  I am stoked to say this has been the best summer of my life. I have met so many great people, learned so much about myself, learned so much about volleyball, traveled to places I never thought I’d visit,  and experience things I never thought I would experience.

Looking back, there’s always things I want to shed light on that I may be frustrated about, but this post is supposed to be the positivity of the summer. SHORE there were ups and downs but I want to focus on the ups.

Summer always goes by way too fast, it seems like just yesterday I was preparing for transition week for High Performance Beach Training which was early May.

Progress is so fun to see, from last summer to this summer or even from the beginning of this summer to now I can definitely say I am a different person and a different player because of taking experiences I’ve had and learning from them. But I am not done progressing, I have so much more progression needed if I want to get to the highest level. And I’m quite excited about that.

It’s hard to let the summer go, there are so many memories and great times I had with some amazing people. But I gotta just let it go and make sure I am even more ready next summer. It’s always a learning experience for me. Last summer I learned a bunch of stuff, this summer I learned a bunch of stuff. Let’s hope it will help me out for next summer.

Before say bye bye for good.. I have publicly listed my goals for volleyball as well as listing what I’ve learned this season. I really need to look at these every day. Obviously not every one of these goals will be completed, but I will do the best I can with them.


Get my vertical up to 40+ inches
Get in the habit of lifting/hip movements/crossfit, etc
Get involved with YOGA
Look for sponsors
Enjoy the moments of coaching
Get a sand coaching job
Buy a GoPro to film every match next year
30k Followers on Instagram, 2,500 likes on Facebook page, 5,000 followers on Twitter

What I’ve learned in the 2014 season:

There was so much learning going on this year with the wins and loses. I tried to take every loss and learn something from it. I think doing that will help me tremendously in the future!

I need to get in much better shape
I need to work on my fundamentals of the game, break it down
I need to work on my court vision
I need to find some sort of before tournament preparation which includes food/hydration to prevent cramping
I need to find my competitive edge to play 100% the entire tournament
I need to learn the art of finding a partner

I will be updating my blog to show results for 2014 and a schedule for 2015.

See you in 2015!

Christian Honer

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