AVP Next Tournament Aug 2nd

Well folks, I’m so frustrated right now I thought I’d post a blog post about today’s tournament. Today was the last tournament of the AVP Next Series. Drove out to Arizona last night to play today. Found out with our finishes we’d have to win the tournament in order to win the trip, big $$, etc. So that sort of put some pressure on us you could say. But that definitely wasn’t the deal breaker.

So we began today playing Tyson and Marcus in which we won in two. Everything felt smooth. Next game we play was against a really good team Nate/Steve. Before that game we beat them twice and they’ve beat us once in the series. So we ended up going to 3 winning which was sweet. Next we played Gregg/Brian and ended up winning in 3 I was feeling really good about everything we were siding out well everything was smooth yet again.

After the first few points in the final game I started feeling the cramping coming. Never fun. So throughout this whole first game I was cramping in my legs. 2nd game began started cramping further up my legs and started to get me in the abs/back area. Playing through it was rough. We ended up somehow pulling out the second game 21-19. We made it to the third game. I was thinking to myself “15 points”. I thought we had it we went up 9-6 and in transition I went up to block then totally fell on the ground completely cramped out. We called an injury timeout and started 1 man serve receive so all I had to was set. We went through and ended up going up 14-11 then I made a few mistakes and we finished at 16-14.

This was a super frustrating finish for me. I planned on winning this and I felt like I hydrated extremely well and ate very well the day before. But I must have missed out on today, I didn’t eat any real food today other than a protein shake and a banana.

My take away:

Figure out what I need to do to stop cramping. Not sure exactly what that looks like but I need to figure it out. More fluids? Better food?

Things to work on:

Continue to work on my vision.

Continue getting in the gym.

Be more aggressive.

Work on pulling the right way.

Live and learn I guess. There’s a lot ahead. This Thursday is the AVP Salt Lake City Qualifier, Saturday & Sunday will be a Men’s open in Breckenridge, Colorado. Then the following weekend is the Manhattan Beach AVP Qualifier.

Lots to look forward to, trying not to dwell on it too much.

See you on the sand,

Christian Honer