AVP Manhattan Open Qualifier 2014

Most of you know, this is the grand daddy of all tournaments or as some say the “wimbledon” of beach volleyball. The winners get their name on the Manhattan Pier. It’s kind of a big deal. This was my first year playing in the event. We ended taking the #13 seed. We got such a good seed because of the AVP Next events in Arizona.

Our first match was on stadium court which was pretty neat. It was against a good friend of my Jake (who I played with in the HP Championships) and his partner was another U21 kid. We ended up losing the first game 19-21 Drew and I were very disappointed in ourselves. We were not playing our game whatsoever. We then talked about what we need to do in between games and started the second game a little better. Still struggling a bit but we ended up winning 21-14. After two games we finally got it together and played OUR game and won the third gameĀ 15-5.

We finally felt on track, our next game was against a pretty tall team. I was pretty confident going into it. We ended up losing in two 21-14, 21-14. They were just too tall. They had a foot on us.

I had a great time watching the rest of the weekend and I’m very glad we didn’t lose our first, that would’ve been frustrating.

After this weekend I felt like I should move back to Arizona, I haven’t been making much money and I haven’t been getting in the gym like I said I was going to 1million times.

In order to get to the next level in this game, I need to be eating right and working out regularly. So I have made the decision on moving back home to Arizona with my family and focus on working on getting sponsors, business ideas, working out and making a plan on how I will stay out in California next summer.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support,


Christian Honer