AVP Huntington PokeyChristian Honer is 20 years old. He began his volleyball career as a Junior in High School (in 2011), although he was homeschooled his whole life. Before then he was focused on Golf, Baseball and Basketball mainly. Once he found volleyball, he knew that was the sport for him. He started playing at a local park, not competitive at all. He would ride his bike to the park hoping someone would ask him to play. Once he started getting in groups at his local park, people noticed him getting better and advised him to try indoor and try going to more competitive places to play. Throughout the year, Christian spent his time in the sand playing 2 v 2 in local tournaments. His senior year of high school was his first full year playing indoor club. He was a setter for Club Arrowhead, and played basically every position possible for Liberty High School. After his indoor school season, he decided to move out to California for the summer to pursue his dreams on becoming a pro beach volleyball player. His first year out there he got acclimated to the sand, wind, etc. He played in a few big events and got some good experience. Fast forward to this past summer, Christian moved to California for the summer again. He has traveled all over the United States competing at a very high level. He ended up getting a 3rd in 2 Open tournaments which gave him his AAA rating in CBVA which is the highest rating possible. He’s extremely excited for the 2015 beach season!

Christian has accomplished some things in his first 2 years playing professional beach volleyball:

Finished 9th in the 2015 NVL Milwaukee
AAA rating in California
Qualified for a pro tournament and finished 17th out of 45+ teams
Made the U21 A1 National Beach Volleyball Team
Won about 7+ Arizona tournaments
3rd in Breckenridge, Colorado
Placed 17th in the Motherload in Aspen, Colorado – twice
Played in a Pro-Am with Ryan Doherty
Ranked 46th in the NVL
Ranked 46 in the AVP
Ranked 79th on USABeachRanking.org

This blog is here to document my journey in hoping to pursue the sport of beach volleyball. I hope you choose to follow my journey.

I have a lot of goals I want to share with you all which will hopefully help me keep up with them. 

Searching for sponsors for the 2015 beach volleyball season!

I am also a Web Designer, marketer, social media guru, and much more. Let me know if you need any help with your projects.

Thank you for reading my about section. Keep in touch and if you ever need to contact me please don’t hesitate to do so on the contact page. 🙂