2014 Pro-Am

Thanks to AGamePhoto for this photo!

Thanks to AGamePhoto for this photo!

Hello all,

I had the incredible experience of playing in the ProAm this year with Mr. Ryan Doherty. It was a great experience for me to see what it’s like playing with the big boys at a high level. I had some great interaction with the man himself.  I’ve never had such a great experience in a tournament. It was so cool to see such a talented group of players out there on that day. I was lucky to be able to even keep up.

We ended up going 4-0 in pool play which I was extremely pleased about. It was really kind of him to also post something on his Facebook about the day. It was so good to just be out in California that weekend and play in a CBVA the next day in which we finished 3rd!

 ProAm 2014 Huntington Beach